Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Any reader working for Axon Global North America?

Hi all,

Is any of you working for Axon Global North America. Please contact me at danieltoba at yahoo dot com as I have some questions about this company.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

How to Align MM and FI Document Numbers in Logistics Invoice Verification

In SAP Release 4.6C and above, Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV) replaces conventional invoice verification for invoices related to purchase orders. The author explains how the change in invoice verification methods leads to different MM and FI document numbers, and how to align them.

Here is the full article.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Becoming an SAP Consultant

I read Becoming an SAP Consultant a while ago.
Although it's an old book which refers to old SAP versions, I t good for beginners because it give them an overview of the SAP world. I've read this book in the first weeks of my first implementation and I got some good advices on various topics: from how to behave in some circumstances to what is ABAP. I definitely recommend this book as a must read for a junior SAP consultant.

The IT Career Builders Toolkit by Matt Moran

Matt Moran, an writer, spokeman and IT Consultant, wrote The IT Career Builders Toolkit, a book about bosting your career and take it to new hights. Matt is also writing a blog about IT career: I think it worth reading Matt's book and blog, and also his website This readings will definetly add value to your career.

SAP Books List

This is an List of SAP Books.

SAP R/3 Books List (ABAP, Basis, Functional)

SAP Training CD ROMs
Computer Based Training on SAP Functional, Basis Administration and ABAP/4 Programming

Implementing SAP
Sap R/3 Implementation: Methods and Tools
Implementing SAP R/3: The Guide for Business and Technology Managers (Other Programming)
Implementing SAP R/3: The Guide for Business and Technology Managers [DOWNLOAD: ADOBE READER]
SAP Planning: Best Practices in Implementation
SAP(R) R/3 Implementation Guide
Successful SAP R/3 Implementation: Practical Management of ERP Projects
SAP(R) R/3(R) Process Oriented Implementation: Iterative Process Prototyping
Implementing Sap R/3 : How to Introduce a Large System into a Large Organization, 2nd Edition
Enterprise Management with SAP SEM / Business Analytics
Why ERP? A Primer on SAP Implementation
Implementing SAP R/3 on OS/400 (IBM Redbooks)
Capturing the whirlwind : your field guide for a successful SAP implementation
Getting Maximum Value from SAP R/3
SAP Smart Forms
SAP Customer Relationship Management
mySAP CRM: The Offcial Guide to SAP CRM Release 4.0
SAP Certification for MM, SD, PP, FI, CO
Sap R/3 Certification Exam Guide
SAP Electronic Data Interchange
ALE, EDI, and IDoc Technologies for SAP
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